Podcast on How Technology Enables the Art of Marketing

I was honored to contribute to a new podcast series by Emarsys. Lindsay Tjepkema (Head of Content @ Emarsys) and I talked about the fundamentals of marketing and how technology can enable but not replace the skills and knowledge of marketers. We also talked about where I think email is going in the future and marketing technologies as a whole.

Here are the show highlights.
► (1:42) Intro: surplus of data and using it for, not against, us

► (9:41) Not succumbing to becoming a data scientist — and where should mar-tech live: IT or marketing?

► (13:29) Problems from “Frankensteined” tech stacks

► (19:32) Email: bi-directional data flow and value of email

► (25:17) Future of marketing: ML, AI, and marketers’ trust in algorithms

You can find the podcast on Emarsys website, or you can listen below. Hope you enjoy the topic and I’d love any feedback.

Thanks to Lindsay and the Emarsys team.

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