Let’s see… In a nut shell, I was born in Uganda, East Africa in 1976 and left in 1985 for London, England. I spent my teenage years and university days having a blast with friends and partied like a rock star. In 1996 I did a university exchange to Charlotte, North Carolina (US) where I started getting into the web. In 1998 I left the UK to travel around the world, and as a result started up my company Spunlogic with my old room mate Jeff Hilimire. My company mainly did web design and development and paid for much of my travels around the world. In 2000 we decided to “have a go” at pushing the company and I moved from Sydney to Atlanta to establish our first real office. In 2003 I met Tovah Ackerman, and in 2005 we got married and now have 2 dogs and three beautiful kids, Nina, London, and Sen. In March 2008 I sold my company (75 employees) to Halyard Capital. The company was rebranded to Engauge and was acquired with its 275 employees in 2013 by Publicis Groupe and then merged internally with Moxie (combined 700 employees at the time), creating the largest digital agency in the Southeast. In 2014, I was hired as a CEO for the award-winning social Ad Tech company BLiNQ Media, providing new vision and rebuilding its technology teams. In 2016 I jointed BrightWave (26 employees at the time) and helped drive significant growth structure that led to it’s acquisition in 2019 to Ansira Partners, part of Advent International. I’m still driving the team at BrightWave as President today.

My wife is more beautiful every day, life is wonderful and gets better everyday as we watch our kids grow up.

Oh, I’m also involved in the Angel investment space with a fund I created called No Limit Ventures. I’m a board member of Everybody Wins! Atlanta and Cooleaf, and continue to be involved with early stage start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Specialties: Executive leadership, Process design and strategy, marketing strategy, operations, technical expertise, infrastructure, partnerships, media services, start-ups, M&A.

That about covers the highlights.

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  1. Raj, it was a pleasure reading about your RV trip, funny i’m 3 miles from you in ViHi, and looking to buy a 364TS as well. How has your experience been since you bought it and would you buy it again after what you know and experienced? thanks for your feedback.


    1. Hi Arman, that’s pretty cool you live so close. Yep we’d buy the 364TS again for the trip we did. It was perfect. we actually sold it after the trip as it was overkill for us to keep it for short weekend trips. However it was perfect for the type of trip we did. My wife actually wront alot more about the trip, check out https://gypsyspirit.net/category/2015-rv-road-trip/. Specifically she wrote a great post on what we did right on this trip including the choices we made in buying this unit and from who. See: https://gypsyspirit.net/2016/03/03/what-we-did-right/
      Hope it’s helpful and good luck.


  2. Hi Raj, it’s so dramatic to see a long lost msg from u today and tried to email you back and stumble on your great blog! Did not know you are a philosopher too:) I was backpacking in Europe few years back tracing Marcus Aurelieus’ journey, and also did a short trip in Canada but sure can’t compare with your epic trip with the folks… Let’s definitely get together catch up, and compare notes on life, tech biz, world view…. 🙂


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