Think Twice. You Might Be Breaking SMS Carrier Rules.

I recently wrote a guest column for The topic was making sure that SMS messages comply with carrier rules – something that seems straightforward … however, it’s anything but. This topic is definitely something I think our blog readers will find interesting, so you’ll find the article below.

Also, make sure to the check out – it’s a terrific resource for mobile marketing, media and commerce.

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“Snooze Alarm” Email Tactic

Amy Griswold and I just attended the sixth annual SilverPOP conference at Stone Mountain last week (05/13/2008). Like most vendor-customer conferences, I’m often somewhat skeptical about what I’m going to learn about email marketing in general. Most of the time, I attend these conferences to better understand new features that are being released, and to gauge their product road map so we can align the agency to take advantage of the tool in the future.

As we listened to the Keynote speaker, Terry Jones (Founder of and chairman of, I was pleased to hear his insights on his management style and trends he see’s in marketing in general. What I wasn’t expecting was a very simple tactic he mentioned that I’d never really considered, but made a lot of sense.

Terry termed this “Snooze Alarm” for your email campaigns. Essentially, we all use some level of frequency control on campaigns, as well as behavioral triggers to determine when we market to customers via email. Continue reading