What’s on my current pre-order product list

Over the last 12 to 16 months I per-ordered a number of products and have received them. In general I’ve been really happy with what I got. Pre-ordering is becoming more common, but I’d say that I’d never really done it until I went to CES a few years ago and got excited about specific products I saw. What’s accelerated this even more is sites like Kick Starter and others that have introduced new products/ideas and built confidence in purchasing products pre-release/pre-review.

Here are my top 3 pre-order products I’ve received:

  • Nest – Love it and works perfectly in my house.
  • DropCam – I have 2 of these in my house and have given them out as gifts.
  • Leap Motion – This has been OK, it’s not delivered on the wow for me, but I enjoy using it as entertainment.

Here are my My current pre-orders:

  • Coin – I’m really excited about this card. I hate all the cards I carry in my wallet. Hoping into get this summer 2014.
  • Airo –  Man, this is cool, I’m not into fitness, but know what my body is consuming and tracking this all to help me live well simplifies how I track this and why I won’t do this today. Hoping to get this in fall 2014.
  • Tesla Model X – I’ve been excited about this SUV. I put in my pre-order in early 2012. This is a big purchase item for a pre-order that I haven’t seen/touched. I can’t wait. Hoping to get this in early 2014, we’ll see.
  • August – I loved the design and simplicity of this home lock system. Lots of new products coming out, I’m hoping this one is the winner and it simplifies life again. Hoping to get this in early 2014.

What else should I consider?

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