Back in School getting my Executive MBA

I never thought I’d go back to school, yet I just took the crazy, and somewhat unplanned, leap and enrolled at Georgia State University, Robin College of Business to get my Executive MBA.  Many of my friends, fellow entrepreneurs, and investors questioned why I was doing this.  It’s a fair question.

I’m 37 years old, co-founded an agency, successfully sold two agencies, and have No Limit Ventures, LLC as an investment vehicle for start-ups I believe in. Is an EMBA valuable for someone like me or should my time, effort, and money go towards something else? Another fair question.

Here is why I decided to get an EMBA.

  • I know I can do more in life/work.
  • I really only know one industry very well and wanted to broaden my knowledge.
  • I only know what I know, and I don’t know what I’ve never been exposed to.
  • I want to validate what I know and improve on it if I can.
  • I need to better understand and speak the international language of business, accounting and finance.
  • I want to be exposed to other types of thinkers (people from other industries, company sizes, career situations, etc.)
  • I have context I can apply in classes and discover alternate methods of decision making and learn even more from my past mistakes.
  • I’m playing to win!

The EMBA I’m doing has a strong focus on global business and accounting. It will take 17 months and is based in the Buckhead campus. So far I’ve enjoyed every moment of the program and I’m learning more than I’d ever imagined. Most importantly, I’m discovering my passions again!

A special thank you to Marc Kagan, my friend that introduced me to program and gave me the inside track. Ken Bernhardt, my mentor who logically helped me make this decision. And finally and most importantly my wife, Tovah Choudhury who’s encouraged me and supported this decision knowing I’ll have less time to devote to our family (oh and we are having our second child in November).

Thank you all for the support and encouragement. This is the right decision for me, I hope it helps some of you make similar decisions.

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