Over our half way point and leaving Canada

I’ve been MIA on this blog for some time, mainly because I’ve been exhausted from the days’ events and the last thing I wanted to do was open the laptop and write. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had downtime and some nice quiet evenings, but the way I’ve preferred to spend that time is in front of a fire with a glass of wine, or tucked up in bed watching a movie, or playing Drop7 (very addictive game that does not require the internet). Also, Tovah has been doing such an amazing job writing about our adventure on her blog, that it’s given me an excuse to go dark on my blog.

My last post was about reconnecting with my family on this adventure; that’s still the case 6 weeks later and I’m still loving it. I sense Tovah wondering if I’ll go back to work, and we’ve talked at times about what I want to do next. It’s hard to describe why, but I’ve been avoiding thinking about it. I certainly have a world of options and some very exciting opportunities with a few companies I’ve briefly talked to already. I guess I’m not ready to plug back in yet; my time frame to jump back in the game is the end of the year once we get back to Atlanta. For now I just want to experience these moments, live without a worry, without knowing where my future will take me and my family. When the time comes, I’ll know what’s right and what feels right.

So, as we leave Canada and begin our Pacific NW segment, here is a quick summary of what’s felt right over the last 6 weeks:

Looking down on the clouds as we drive through glacier national park (US side, going to the sun road) and my daughter saying “It looks like the sky fell down”.

Watching Deer roam around our camp site without a worry, even if our dogs wanted to chase them.

The kids love Canada, but what they love even more is their grandparents visiting for 10 days. It was great to have Dee and Joel join our adventure, and our bridge playing skills improved too.

IMG_0447 IMG_0467

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary with a pretty adventurous hike in Glacier Park (Canada) and then staying at Chateau Lake Louise without the kids (thanks to Dee and Joel). OK, they visited the first and last day- I think London liked the room. Oh bliss, did I mention how much I love room service and how much I miss fast internet connections.

IMG_0490 IMG_0500

London loves trains.What’s even more sweet is that he wants to hug you or hold your hand when he hears a big train. I think he gets a little scared at first and then can’t stop yelling “choo choo” with a smile. And I love London Hugs.

Look at Tovah’s face, she so loves being on a horse. What’s even better is when the horses are all around your camp site. Checkout Tovah’s latest post about an awesome ranch we stayed at.


Finding remote 4X4 roads with amazing views that are hard to capture in a video or photo.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a few panoramic photos of the stunning landscapes we’ve seen in the past 6 weeks.

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