The future of our digital world – SixthSense Technology

Wow, after watching this video my perception of the future just dramatically changed. I know we all say we live in a digital world; everyone is connected to the internet, we all have cell phones, and pretty much everyone I know is connected to a social network of some sort.

I’d like to think I have a good sense of what the future looks like, but Pranav Mistry’s ground breaking work with SixthSense technology has really changed what I thought was possible and opened my eyes to a future I hadn’t fully realized. A while ago I got excited about Microsoft surface that uses similar technologies but I never thought we’d be able to combine the use of everyday objects into our digital life and vice-versa so quickly and in so many ways (demonstrated in the video).

Click to Watch the video all the way!

Oh did I mention Pranav is providing this technology open source to the world.

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